recently Completed Mineral Sand Separation Plant Project at broken hill, new south wales

Jack Khallahle was engaged on a one year contract by Parsons Brinckerhoff and  Bemax Resources Ltd now Cristal Mining Ltd to complete this project at Broken Hill, NSW. The capital cost for this project was approximately A$29 Million.


The Mineral Sand Separation Plant Project (image shown below) at Broken Hill in NSW for Parsons Brinkerhoff was a critical and schedule driven project where Jack was engaged on a contract and as part of the leadership team working as a Construction Manager. Jack was also tasked as a Senior Project Engineer to coordinate engineering design for the process plant and also tasked to develop the project management plan (project execution plan)  for the entire project and other subsidiary project plans such as construction management plan, quality management plan, safety and environmental management plan etc.


Additiionally, Jack was tasked to coordinate and manage the building approval and certification process for construction and occupancy for the plant. Jack also managed and conducted design review and approval for construction of the entire Fire Safety System of both the new and the existing mineral processing facilities with fire engineers NDY from Sydney office and the NSW Fire brigade.


Refer to project gallery page for detail information on this particular project where JBCS Principal played a major role in ensuring that this project was delivered as scheduled and on time.


Neutral (A) South Cooling Tower Refurbishment Project-Zinc Plant, port Pirie, south Australia

Principal and Director of JBCS (Jack Khallahle) was employed as a Project Manager by Worley Parsons Services for Nyrstar WorleyParsons Project Alliance Contract, Port Pirie, SA. Capital cost was Approximately $1.5 Million.


This project is located in the Zinc Plant at the Nyrstar Port Pirie (NPP) Smelter. The Scope of Work for this project was to design, procure and construction management for the supply, fabrication and installation works for the refurbishment of the Neutral Cooling Tower (Southern Unit) in the Zinc Plant.  This  includes  the  removal  and  installation of  new  wooden  baffles,  new  packers,  new  drift eliminators, wooden eliminator supports; the repair of cracks to the towers fibre glass walls and the launder  covers  and  the  equipment  supports  at  the  top of  the  tower. 


The project also includes the cleaning and repair (or replacement as required) of the following items: steelwork around the towers (including painting) and the repair of the concrete frames and steelwork underneath of the tower and installation and commissioning of air circulation fan for the neutral tower. JBCS Principal was the Project Manager managing all phases of the project to project closeout.








proposed chimbu lime plant Project, kundiawa, png

Project Brief


The Chimbu Lime Plant Project will comprise of the development of a greenfield 200TPD lime producing high grade and low grade products from deposits at Mt Elimbari in the Chuave District and a 100TPD lime producing a single grade from deposits at Mata and Masul in Sina Sina District both in the Chimbu Province.  The project is to be located approximately 10km and 100 Km at Mata and Masul respectively East of Kundiawa Township in Chimbu Province of PNG. 


The limestone will be quarried at the selected quarry mine sites and will initially be loaded into road trains by front end loader and road transported to Tilley siding located at Mata.  The existing Highlands highway road network will be utilised to transport the product to Lae port for storage and ship loading via new company facilities. 


The establishment on site will comprise the quarry mine pits, haulage roads, waste dumps and a full complement of support services and facilities.  The services distribution networks will be sized to accommodate later addition of the 100TPD plant Project construction phase requirements and the accommodation village design will accommodate expansion to service the operations personnel and construction workforce for that project.


In addition to the works included in the scope, Chimbu Lime Pty Ltd will let separate contracts for quarry mining, camp catering, site power generation, road haulage, stevedoring and ship loading.


J.Buckhill Consultancy Services (JBCS) will manage the project from concept design to commissioning including construction management and handover. JBCS shall provide the necessary supplementary site information, design input, management, local LLG level design/construction approvals and permitting, labour, materials, equipment, transport to site, construction, testing and commissioning to deliver the Project as described in the scope of works to fully functional and operational condition on the dates agreed.


Other projects completed in Australia & png

The Principal of JBCS (Jack Khallahle) has completed many major projects at various sites throughout Australia and PNG as a project leader or project manager from concept design to practical implementation including pre-feasibility and feasibility studies. The following critical projects have been completed meeting clients requirements:


List of Other Projects Completed