The Vision

The Vision of J.Buckhill Consultancy Services is to be the preferred provider of Engineering and Project Management solution for all sectors and for all Clients, delivering timely and quality services to our Clients and Stakeholders.

Our Services

J.Buckhill Consultancy Services (JBCS) provide the following services to leading consulting engineering firms, mining and energy companies;

  • Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management (EPCM) services
  • Project Management Consultancy (PMC) services
  • Alliance services (site based engineering & project management services)
  • Conduct Training and  Short Courses in Engineering, Procurement, Construction  & Project Management.


JBCS provides the above services in the following areas to the resource, energy and other  sectors;

  • Minerals and Metals
  • Hydrocarbons
  • Power Generation
  • Mine Infrastructure Projects
  • Public Infrastructure Projects
  • Environment and Water Engineering
  • Building Services Engineering (HVAC)
  • Donor/Aids Projects Coordination


Project Management Services

At J.Buckhill Consultancy Services (JBCS) we understand that projects have a definite start and finish. We also know that projects have objectives and they are specific and measurable, which means that we know when we have finished your project when we  successfully have met your goals. JBCS is fully aware of the dynamic nature of every projects which is why we operate smartly by working with clients to develop project plans to manage clients projects diligently throughout the project lifecycle. Project plans are designed and developed to manage key stakeholders and clients involved on the project. The project plans are important documents in the development of the project execution plan so we work with clients to develop the following project plans to suit clients specific projects requirements:

  1. engineering management plan (incorporating design management);
  2. construction management plan;
  3. environmental management plan;
  4. safety and health management plan;
  5. quality management plan;
  6. project control plan;
  7. procurement and contract management plan;
  8. risk management plan;
  9. communication management plan;
  10. commissioning management plan, and
  11. emergency management plan, etc.

Project plans are important to the successful completion and timely delivery of a project within time, budget, and on schedule meeting relevant standards, codes and in compliance with statutory requirements and regulations, which is why we work with clients to develop these plans and obtain approval prior to even commencing engineering design process on the project. 


JBCS managed and tracked clients projects through effective control and monitoring of key areas such as; tracking and reporting progress; budget control and cash flow forecast; schedule control; quality control & coordination; scope of work management; risks management; procurement/contract management and stakeholders management using appropriate computer software program available in its system. At JBCS, we provide Professional Project Management services  to multidiscipline projects in all sectors from concept design to practical implementation and project closeout.



Engineering Services

J.Buckhill Consultancy Services (JBCS) provides detail engineering design services in civil and structural, mechanical, electrical, building services and hydraulic engineering through the engagement of quality professional engineers from PNG and abroad.


JBCS also has vast experience in project studies in the area of power generation through desk top study, pre-feasibility and feasibility study for mini Hydropower generation scheme up to 1 Megawatt scheme and thermal power plants throughout rural PNG "C" centres and regional Australia as part of mining infrastructure projects. JBCS had developed technical capabilities to conduct these studies for minerals and metals, hydrocarbons, infrastructures and water engineering in the resource and energy sectors as an EPCM service provider or in support role as sub-consultant to leading engineering companies from PNG and Australia.


At JBCS, we provide complete range of engineering design, drawings and document control services starting from a business case and then take the project right through to tender and construction stage including bid evaluation.



our capabilitieS


The list below indicate JBCS capabilities and ability to design, develop and provide for our clients different engineering services.  The list under each headings are standard and contract specifications that the Principal of JBCS had developed for various greenfield and brownfield capital projects in the resource and energy sectors throughout Australia and various sites in PNG. JBCS provides complete engineering design, layout design and drawings using latest AutoCAD interfaced with CAD for 3D modelling and animation and develop project Specifications and Scope of Works to tender and construction level to suit clients specific project requirements for implementation at all sites:


Mine Infrastructure Project Contract & Standards Specification

  • Earthworks; Storm Water Drainage; Concrete Supply; Structural Concrete
  • Mine access road design and construction
  • Civil and Structural design for Mining and Mineral Processing plant
  • Mobile Concrete Batch Plant
  • Exploration and Construction Camp & Permanent Camp or Village
  • Fuel Supply, Storage and Distribution Facilities
  • Hydrocarbon (Oil/Water) Separation Facilities
  • Fabrication and Erection of Structural Steel & Metal Work for Buildings
  • Water Reticulations and Fuel Supply Lines
  • Material Handling Standards for Mechanical Equipment
  • Power Generation Design
  • Hydrocarbons Design
  • Water Supply Design

Building Services - HVAC

  • Air Conditioning Equipment Technical Specification
  • Cooling and Heat load estimation and duct work layout and system design
  • Ventilation, Extraction System & Noise Control (Acoustics)
  • Building hydraulics and Fire Protection Service